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Future of Mobility


We are dignified automobile enthusiasts, revolutionizing, to
bring in innovation that does justice to the wants of riders and the planet alike.

Meet The Team

An acclaimed group of individuals, who have proven business ethos and the fuel and drive to create a better world by disrupting how India commutes. We are here to topple tables of monotony and path dependency. Watch Out!

“Future Garages is driving innovation in EV industry like no other startup.”

Sudesh SamariaFounder, Webchutney
CEO, Founder

Shashi Pathak

Motorbike enthusiast since 12 years of age, Shashi knows the pulse of almost all the bikes launched in India. He’s basically the Dr DoLittle of the motorbike world. A rider by passion, he’s never satisfied, the zeal which has made us reach perfection. Shashi has previously co-founded a startup ‘HitchAR’ and has achieved significant traction and monetisation before switching gears. Well, his love for motorcycles couldnt keep him away much to say the least. An economics graduate and a marketing enthusiast, Shashi has a keen eye on details and has refined our unit economics to a point that makes our competitors envious if nothing else.

COO, Co-founder

Desh Deepak Dwivedi

Having been well traveled to almost 50 countries and establishing supply chain networks, Desh looks after the entire OEM and tech sourcing to make the product and operations stand out and ensure quality and timely procurement. Desh has done his masters from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology in Technology Management and his MBA from Peking University and is thus leveraging his management expertise. Desh has also scaled his previous startup ‘Precisely’ to pre-Series A round and since two years have been involved with Future Garages full time.

Saurabh Patel

Head, Partnerships

Sidakjeet Singh Bhutani

Head, Procurement

Here to inspire.

We stand in the way of inferiority, subjectivity and compromises. Our ethos revolves around the machines we build and how accessible we make them. We believe it’s time for India to lead the way rather than follow. We start the change we want to see. Electric vehicles are no longer a joke and neither are inferior, and we are here to ensure that till the end. We already see how India travels in the future and would want you to experience it, come be a part.


Innovate each model with no exceptions.

Technology is the greatest catalyst, and we tend to use it to assist consumers and amplify their experience.


Always overdeliver to our customers.

Your need, we probably have already incorporated it! We love the cherry on top moments, and you.


Build things that inspire people.

Just money can’t build great products, neither can just a talented team, but bigger ideas can. We make you rethink, maybe that’s a start for inspiration.